13:45 -!- gabb changed the topic of #catalyst to: Give CForum a new name and
          win a night with draven! >> We got a winner: mst | Name your kids
          sri, jester and gabb please.
13:45 <@draven> aieee
13:46  * draven really runs away
13:46 < lbr> cute couple
13:46 <@gabb> Yea, I think so too.
13:46 <@draven> mst: take gabb instead, he's much cuter than me
13:47  * gabb can see them as a old couple already telling their grandchildren
          the story how they met each other thru catalyst.
13:47 < lbr> what can you expect to be called AFTER end has been processed?
             otherwise $c->{stats} doesn't include stats for end
13:47  * mst ponders
13:47 <@mst> draven: actually, you're more my type as men go
13:47 <@mst> and I reckon more Snoof's too
13:47 <@draven> gabb: actually, I'm married, you are single, and mst goes after
                anything.. And germany is nearer england.
13:48 <@draven> mst: ouch :(
13:48 <@gabb> What? I'm heading for croatia, sorry draven. Your ass is his.
13:48 < lbr> hey, don't fight over him!
13:48  * mst checks the KY supplies and sets off
13:48  * gabb sends mst some whips and spanking devices to make sure they have
          a great time.
13:49 <@draven> gabb: you're so going to burn for this one :)
13:49 <@mst> gabb: got plenty of them. send me some decent gag material so I
             don't keep half the country awake with the screaming
13:49 < lbr> ironic: 14:26 <@gabb> You guys give me the creeps sometimes. :(
13:49 < lbr> :)
13:49 <@gabb> lol
13:49 <@draven> damn catholics